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Sponsor St. Herman’s new Feast Day Icons and Support our Building Fund!

With Metropolitan Jonah’s blessing, Mat. Joanna has begun the hand-written feast day icons for St. Herman Orthodox Church. They will be prayerfully written following the canons of the church and with the guidance of her instructor, Fr. Igumen Mefodii.

The parish is asking for donations to sponsor either an entire icon or to make a partial donation. The goal is to raise $3000 per icon. Two-thirds of the donation will be given to the church’s building fund.

The matching icons will be 13”’x 17”, with 23k gold backgrounds, halos and details where needed. The high-quality boards will be recessed and braced on the back to prevent warping.

The first three icons will be: “The Embrace of Joachim and Anna” also known as “The Conception of the Theotokos”. The second will be the “Nativity of the Theotokos”. The third will be “The Entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple”.

Indicate on your donation that it is for the icon of your choice.

This long-term project is for the beauty of our church, according to the gift of God’s Grace and to His Glory.

“From this day, from this hour, from this minute,

let us strive to love God above all, and fulfill His holy will.”